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What to do

a rainy day

Discover the Cévennes from a new angle! Enjoy the enchanting atmosphere of our mysterious caves or explore our captivating museums. A rainy day can also be an opportunity to relax in one of our spas.


the underground world

For your information

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that weather conditions may result in the temporary closure of certain tourist sites in order to ensure safety for all.

We strongly advise you tocontact the sites you are interested in before travelling, especially during periods of heavy rainfall. This will enable you to check whether the sites are open and make the necessary arrangements.


museums and tourist sites

When inclement weather knocks on your door, take advantage of these days to immerse yourself in the cultural richness of museums.Let yourself be swept away by captivating exhibitions, inspiring works of art and fascinating historical artifacts.

Let the weather guide your curiosity and expand your horizons, as museums welcome you year-round for an extraordinary journey, no matter the conditions outside.

Take advantage of

a moment of well-being

The Cévennes are the perfect place to relax and reconnect with our inner being, using the rain as an ally to deepen our well-being. Let yourself be tempted by a session of sono-therapy or sophrology and make the most of this moment of rejuvenation.

When the rain comes to caress the Cevennes lands, offering a symphony of delicate drops, it’s time to let yourself be enveloped by a bubble of softness and serenity. There’s nothing like amoment of relaxation at a spa to take care of yourself and get back to yourself. The Cévennes are full of havens of peace where you can escape the chills of the outdoors and let yourself be swept away by a comforting warmth. In the hushed, soothing atmosphere of a spa, the hectic pace of daily life dissipates, allowing the mind to refocus and the body to recharge.

Enjoying flavours

From the land

Take the time to discover theskills of Cévennes artisans by taking part in tours of cooperative wine cellars, for example. It’s an ideal opportunity to succumb to the delights of local produce, savor a wine tasting or delight your taste buds with the delicious Cévennes goat’s cheese, the famous Pélardon.

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