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What to do when

it's very hot

On a hot day, soak up the enchanting atmosphere of our mysterious caves or go on an adventure through our captivating museums. Take the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing break by the water or in one of our many parks and gardens, where you’ll find plenty of shade.



Museums are places that are as refreshing as they are enriching. They offer you a veritablecultural treasure trove to explore, a soothing escape and an inspiring refuge from summer temperatures.

Enjoy the Georges Braque exhibition this summer

The drawn and engraved work of Georges Braque is presented in all its facets from a technical point of view: drypoints, etchings, lithographs and even woodcuts, but also simple charcoal or oil pastel drawings.

See you at the Musée Pierre André Benoit from July 13 to October 29, 2023


the depths

When the hot sun forces you to seek a refuge, don’t worry, the Cévennes offer a multitude of exciting activities to enjoy in complete tranquillity.

Explore the depths of the earth and discover a fascinating refuge from the weather. These caves will reveal their secrets to you in acool and preservedenvironmentfor example, the constant temperature of the Trabuc cave hovers around 14°C.

Tips and best practices

To cope with hot weather

Hydrate yourself

Keep a water bottle with you and drink regularly to avoid dehydration.

Get informed about weather forecasts

Consult local weather forecasts on a regular basis to be informed about upcoming hot spells.

Avoid the hottest hours

During periods of high heat, try to limit your outdoor activities during the hottest hours of the day. Prefer outings in the early morning or late afternoon when the temperature is milder.

Protect yourself from the sun

Wear a hat to protect yourself from sunburn, and don’t forget to apply a high SPF sun cream frequently. Choose a cream without chemical components, with biodegradable mineral UV filters, certified by Ecocert’s Cosmebio label.

Think of your little companions

Make sure you always have fresh water on hand for them. Avoid walks on sunny asphalt, as this can burn their pads. Never leave them alone in a car, even with the windows open, as the temperature inside a vehicle can quickly become lethal for your pet.

Keep your home cool

Close your shutters, or curtains during the hottest hours of the day (12:00 – 16:00). This will block the heat outside and keep the inside cooler. Remember to limit the use of heat-generating electrical appliances, such as ovens or light bulbs, during periods of high heat.

Recharge your batteries

Water points

Discover the perfect places to cool off and enjoy a moment of aquatic relaxation! Our region offers you a multitude of options for recharging your batteries by the water. You can head to the nautical base,a space set up especially for aquatic activities. Dive into Alès Agglomération’s swimming pools, where you can lounge and cool off in complete tranquillity. Enjoy pleasant swimming moments, surrounded by the Cevennes landscapes.These spaces are ideal for entertaining family and friends while escaping the summer heat.

Walking around

Parks and gardens

When the sun is shining and temperatures are climbing, there’s nothing more pleasant than a stroll through the parks and gardens of the Cévennes. Immerse yourself in thefreshness of the shaded spaces, feel the gentle breeze caress your face and enjoy the beauty of the floral landscapes.

These wooded places are a veritable paradise where you can relax, recharge your batteries and connect with the surrounding nature. Whether it’s fora leisurely stroll, a picnic with the family or simply to treat yourself to a moment of calm, these verdant spaces offer a haven of peace to make the most of your sunny day.

Sneaking in

Tree climbing

If you’re looking for an activity that combinesadventure, adrenaline andfreshness, look no further! The accrobranches in the Cévennes are here to offer you a refreshing experience like no other. Put on your adventurous outfit and plunge into a thrilling world amid lush trees. Climb, jump and traverse sensational courses, while enjoying the benevolent shade of the foliage.

Go up

at altitude

It’s time to seek a little coolness by taking to the heights. In fact, as you get higher, the temperature tends to drop significantly. For every 100-metre difference in altitude, the temperature drops by an average of around 0.65°C.

In certain conditions, particularly during anticyclonic situations where the air is very dry, this decrease can even reach almost 1°C per 100 metres.So why not take advantage of this opportunity to get some fresh air at altitude?

In addition to the freshness, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking panoramas and soothing tranquillity. So, wait no longer and rise above the heat by discovering our selection ofviewpoints not to be missed!

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