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Our progress approach

Alès Agglomeration has given the mission to the SPL Alès Cévennes to constitute a tool for tourism development through a Community Tourist Office. To do this, the Agglomeration provides human, financial and material resources, so that the team operating under the brand Cévennes Tourism can implement a strategy in line with local tourism issues.

The Quality and CSR approaches of the Cévennes Tourism Community Office consist of constantly improving the satisfaction of the customers of the Tourist Office among which: visitors (inhabitants as tourists and excursionists), tourism providers and actors participating in the tourism development of the Cévennes destination, elected officials. These approaches also aim at the well-being at work for the members of the team.
This commitment is the basis of all the actions undertaken, consistent with the territory project of Alès Agglomeration.


The SPL Alès Cévennes develops its strategy of action in a humble and transparent way.


A tool at the service of the economic and tourist development of the territory that falls within the competence of Alès Agglomeration. The Tourist Office operates throughout the community territory in consultation with institutional partners and implements the tourism strategy of Alès Agglomeration through identified, varied missions, established as responses to the needs of the various customers of the Tourist Office (visitors, residents, tourism providers, elected officials) :

  • observation of tourist activity;
  • reception and information;
  • promotion and communication;
  • animation of a network of tourist service providers;
  • development of the Cevennes Tourism destination.


A committed team at the service of providers and visitors (inhabitants as well as tourists)who are the foundation of the Cevennes destination : committed to a process of continuous improvement of its services, committed to a reasoned conception of tourism development (internally and more broadly on the development strategy of the Cévennes destination), committed to formalized partnerships that make Cévennes Tourisme a true interface, a key player and driver to generate attractiveness and local economic benefits.


  • To be the guarantor of a fine and updated knowledge of the destination’s tourist market (customers, service providers, economic spinoffs), this through the mutualization of strategic data (in connection with the city center managers, Myriapolis or even Gard Tourism).
  • Incorporate a personalized and informed welcome to tourist visitors as well as residents of the Agglomeration.
  • Develop the reputation and attractiveness of the destination through an evocative brand, carrying meaning and partnership actions, promotional as well as commercial; institutional as well as private.
  • Propose a service offer adapted to the evolving expectations and needs of the destination’s socio-professionals.

Quality / CSR commitments

of the Cévennes Tourism Office

The QUALITY TOURISM™ mark, created by the French Ministry in charge of tourism, is the recognition of the continuous improvement approaches to service quality implemented by the Tourist Offices. The Cévennes Tourism Office tends to be integrated into this approach. The purpose of these steps is to better receive you, inform you and advise you.

The marked Tourist Offices guarantee you:

  • a personalized welcome,
  • clear and precise information,
  • competent staff who listen to you,
  • a comfortable place,
  • taking your opinions into account and dealing with your complaints,

    continuous improvement of services and benefits.

Cévennes Tourisme is committed

We include in our strategy a commitment to sustainable tourism that takes into account its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, meeting the needs :

  • of visitors
  • of socio-professionals
  • of residents

    of elected officials

    of our team

In parallel to the Quality approach specific to the Tourist Office, the SPL Alès Cévennes is committed to a Corporate Social Responsibility approach. This one is declined on the internal scale of the Tourist Office but also by approaching in its plan of actions commitments to the visitors and the professionals of tourism.
Thus, priority axes were defined with the aim of having a positive impact in terms of sustainable development on the scale of the territory of Alès Agglomeration. The objective is to present an approach that constantly tends to exemplarity.

We have set up strong transversal actions:

  • Setting up a responsible purchasing policy
  • Towards responsible communication

    Setting up selective sorting throughout the structure

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