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Terms of Use

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1. Acceptance of the terms of use of the site

By accessing this site and/or using the services, the user agrees to abide by the terms of use of the site, with respect to the rights of third parties, and in accordance with the applicable Law.
In addition, access to services may be restricted and/or their use subject to additional and/or specific conditions.


2. Purpose of the site

This site is one of the sites of the SPL Alès Cévennes, carrying the community tourist office of Alès Agglomeration “Cévennes Tourism”. It aims to provide relevant and updated information on tourism in the Cevennes and to improve the general commercial presentation of tourist offers of the Cevennes destination. It also allows to put in relation, in a completely independent way, users and professionals of tourism.


3. Access to the site

Cévennes Tourism strives to offer permanent access to the site, either 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. However, access to the site may be suspended, at any time and without notice, particularly due to breakdowns, failures or paralysis of the network, system and / or means of communication, as well as due to maintenance interventions and corrections made necessary by the updating and proper functioning of the site.

The user agrees not to hinder access to the site and / or the proper functioning of the site in any way whatsoever, likely to damage, intercept, interfere with all or part of the site.

Cévennes Tourisme can not be held responsible for any direct or indirect damage due to an interruption, malfunction whatsoever, suspension or stoppage of the site and / or services, and this for any reason whatsoever or any direct or indirect damage that would result in any way from access to the site and / or services.

The user of this site acknowledges having the skills and means necessary to access and use this site. The communication protocols used are those in use on the Internet.

Cévennes Tourisme can not be held responsible for elements outside its control and damage that could possibly be suffered by the technical environment of the user and in particular, his computers, software, network equipment and any other material used to access or use the site and / or services. It is reminded that fraudulently accessing or remaining in a computer system, hindering or distorting the operation of such a system, or fraudulently introducing or modifying data in a computer system constitute offenses subject to criminal penalties.

Access to the site www.cevennes-tourisme.fr is free. The costs of access and use of the telecommunication network are to be borne by the customer, according to the terms and conditions set by his access providers and telecommunication operators.


4. Site content

Cévennes Tourisme reserves the right to modify, at any time and without notice, the content of this site.

The user is solely responsible for any decision taken on the basis of information contained on the site, and the use that could be made of it. Any user wishing to benefit from one or more of the services presented on the site is invited to contact Cévennes Tourisme directly to find out about the conditions applicable to this (or these) service(s).

Access to the services presented on the site may be subject to restrictions with respect to certain persons or in certain countries. It is the responsibility of any interested user to check beforehand that his situation allows him to use services presented on the site.


5. Intellectual Property

The whole of this site (structure, presentation and content) constitutes a work protected by French and international legislation in force on copyright and, in general, on intellectual property.
Cévennes Tourisme is the owner, or holder of the rights of all the elements that make up this site, including text, data, drawings, graphics, photos, animations, sounds, including downloadable documents. All rights, including in particular the rights of exploitation, reproduction and extraction on any support, of all or part of the data, files and all elements appearing in the web pages of this site, as well as the rights of representation and reproduction on any support, of all or part of the site itself, rights of modification, adaptation or translation, are reserved exclusively to Cévennes Tourism, – and its possible beneficiaries – and this, subject to the pre-existing rights of third parties who have authorized the digital reproduction and / or integration into this site, by Cévennes Tourism, their works of any kind.

Any reproduction, representation, dissemination or redistribution, in whole or in part, of the contents of this site by any means whatsoever without the express prior permission of Cévennes Tourisme is prohibited, and would constitute an infringement punishable by articles L 335 – 2 and following of the Code of Intellectual Property. The reproduction of texts and web pages of the site on a paper medium remains exclusively prohibited without prior written permission of Cévennes Tourisme.

Copies of documents contained in this site can only be made for information and exclusively for a strictly private use. Any other reproduction or use of copies for other purposes is expressly prohibited.

The trademarks of the Editor of the site and its partners, as well as the corporate names and logos appearing on the site are protected. Any total or partial reproduction of these trademarks or logos, made from the elements of the site without the express permission of Cévennes Tourisme or its beneficiaries is therefore prohibited, within the meaning of Article L 713 – 2 of the Intellectual Property Code.

All elements of this site, such as text, graphics, logos, button graphics, images and photos, sound clips, software, database, ergonomics of the site are the property of Cévennes Tourisme.

These elements are protected by French law and international laws of intellectual property protection. The code, layout, assembly of all or part of an element of this site is the exclusive property of Cévennes Grand Sud.


6. Hyperlinks

The site cevennes-tourisme.fr contains hyperlinks allowing access to sites that are not published by Cévennes Tourisme. Consequently, the latter can not be held responsible for the content of sites to which the user would have access in this way.

The creation of hyperlinks to the homepage of the site cevennes-tourisme.fr is authorized. Are subject to prior authorization of the Editor, the links made on specific pages of the site (deep links or “deep linking”).

The URL of the targeted page must be clearly indicated. The user site must not make the www.cevennes-tourisme.frcomme site appear to be its own, misrepresent the content of the target site, refrain from clearly indicating that the user is directed to www.cevennes-tourisme.fr

The pages of the www.cevennes-tourisme.fr site must not be nested within the pages of another site, but must be displayed in a new window. No “mirroring” of the site, i.e., posting at another URL, is allowed.


7. User traces

The user is informed that, during his visits to the site, a “cookie” (a cookie in the form of a small file sent to the hard drive of the user’s computer) may be installed automatically and stored temporarily in memory or on his hard drive.

The users of the site acknowledge that they have been informed of this practice and authorize Cévennes Tourisme to use it. They will be able to oppose the recording of these cookies by configuring the browser installed on their system, to be warned of the arrival of a cookie and to be able to refuse it.

The “cookies” operated on this site and, possibly, other captures of environment variables, management of audit files and opening the directory of temporary internet files (cache), will be operated only for the sole purpose of analysis and optimization of the site by Cévennes Tourisme, which undertakes not to make any other use.


8. Responsibility

Cévennes Tourisme disclaims any guarantee or responsibility for the information, particular or general, accessible on the site. This information is given for information purposes only. The transactions carried out through the site are the sole responsibility of the user with tourism professionals.
Cévennes Tourisme can not, under any circumstances, be held responsible, for any reason whatsoever, services that are the subject of connection and, where appropriate, transactions, their quality and their content whatsoever and, any information provided by any supplier in relation to services. Cévennes Tourism does not guarantee, nor does it stand behind the solvency or compliance with commitments, the quality of services or their compliance.

As a result, Cévennes Tourism can not, under any circumstances, be held responsible for the provision of services of any damage, whatsoever, borne, if any, by any user.


9. Disputes

Cévennes Tourisme may rely as evidence of any act, programs, data, files, records, operations and other elements (such as monitoring reports or other statements) of nature or in computer or electronic format or medium, established, received or stored directly or indirectly by Cévennes Tourisme, for example in any database.

Applicable law
The use of this site, and the services, is governed by French law, to the exclusion of any other legislation, regardless of the place of use.

Allocation of jurisdiction
In the event of litigation, and if no amicable settlement is reached, Cévennes Tourisme and the user will defer to the competent French jurisdictions, to which they expressly allocate jurisdiction, including in the event of summary proceedings and multiple defendants.

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