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Valleys of the Gardons

The playground for lovers of outdoor activities, authenticity and river swimming!

The Gardon valleys are distinguished by their atypical landscapes of small mountains crossed by wild rivers. Don’t wait to discover the charm and authenticity of Anduze, as well as the preserved nature of Saint-Jean-du-Gard, a hiking paradise. Their remarkable heritage will surprise you.

A preserved nature

Enjoy and protect

Hiking land

Enjoy, between Anduze, Mialet and Saint-Jean-du-Gard, varied landscapes, an unspoiled nature, crossed by the pure and lively waters of the Gardons, and remarkable sites, which invite you to discover, to relax but also to hike!

The territory offers you a varied panel of hikes between great itineraries and family walks.

Great hikes cross the valley like the famous Stevenson trail or the Huguenots trail. You also have the choice of small hiking loops between 1h and 3h from Tornac, Saint-Jean-du-Gard, Anduze or Mialet.

Biosphere reserve and natura 2000 area

The Gardon Valley, home to a wild river of natural beauty, is a true haven of peace that requires a sensitive approach so that your presence does not disturb the fauna and flora, inhabitants of the place.

In the Natura 2000 area, take the time to observe the fauna and flora around you. From the smallest insect to the most beautiful tree on your route, discover rare species that must be preserved for future generations.

The Gardon is the undisputed kingdom of the otters and the castor, as evidenced by the many clues that can be observed there: gnawing marks, footprints, dam for beavers… Otters are much more discreet and difficult to observe, you can look for their footprints.

River swimming

Warning to freshwater lovers!The Gardons of Mialet and Saint-Jean-du-Gard invite you to all activities… Sometimes peaceful and conducive to swimming and relaxation, they metamorphose along their bed to reveal waterfalls and tumultuous waters to let you taste the thrill of canyoning or aquatic hiking.

Turquoise in color in the spring, the river reminds us of its vulnerability in the summer season with lower water levels. Adopt the right reflexes so that this precious asset is preserved.


City gateway to the Cevennes

The swimming spots, the restaurants with multicolored terraces, the welcoming ice cream parlors or the weekly night market, everything here reminds us that we are on vacation!

To soak up their atmosphere, the best thing to do is to go for a walk… Its historic center is an invitation to stroll and to discover its heritage. A rich heritage of many listed buildings gives an account of the tumultuous episodes of these former high places of Cevennes Protestantism. It also testifies to their rich hours, thanks to the wool and silk trade and the many spinning mills.

The Vase of Anduze

Discovering an ancestral know-how

Anduze is first and foremost the capital of the famous Vase d’Anduze. Perpetuated even today, this 400-year-old local know-how is exported all over the world.

The Route du Vase d’Anduze was created in an effort to protect and highlight the artisans who perpetuate the ancestral gestures. Today, this tourist route is the only way to guarantee you a quality Vase of Anduze, made in the respect of tradition.

1 day in Anduze

Find all our tips and good plans to discover Anduze, a town at the gates of the Cevennes, for a day.

Between shopping alleys, heritage, local products, cozy beds and tastings of all kinds, the city is a must for lovers of outdoor activities, history and small local dishes.


Typical Cevennes village

Village with an assertive Cévenol character, which stretches along the Gardon, the small capital of the Camisard country is organized along a main street.

The village was marked by the wars of religion, particularly with the Camisard war. Today, Saint-Jean-du-Gard is an authentic village, in a preserved natural setting where it is good to live.

It was moreover the last stage of the journey of Robert Louis Stevenson, who finished in St-Jean, in 1878, the 220 km of his famous “Journey in the Cevennes with a donkey”. The city is moreover oriented towards this activity and it is the starting point of 150 km of trails.


The Filature known as Maison Rouge

Built in 1838, with its large round-headed bays favoring maximum light, this spinning mill remains very representative of the workshops where silk was drawn.

1 day in Saint-Jean-du-gard

What to do when spending a day in St Jean Du Gard?

Let us guide you: we propose a small and simple itinerary that will take you to the must-see sites! On the program: market of local products, history and heritage, resourcing in a green setting.

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