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Swimming and white water

Change the way you look at water!

The Cevennes are a destination of choice for river lovers. Of a turquoise color in spring, it reminds us of its vulnerability in the summer season with lower water levels. Adopt the right reflexes as to preserve this precious source.

Bathing in the Cevennes

The river swimming spots in the Cevennes are numerous. You will not find large stretches of water but small corners (of paradise) here or there to refresh yourself in an exceptional and protected setting.

In spring, the level and quality of the water offers you an unforgettable experience. It is every time an emotion to immerse yourself in these precious waters.

From the end of June, it is difficult to guarantee the same quality of swimming. However, the river will allow you to refresh yourself during your summer walks.

In autumn, the river is sometimes more capricious under the effect of Cevennes or Mediterranean episodes. In the event of an alert, for your safety, you are strongly advised to stay away from rivers.

Make sure of the quality of river water before you leave. For your safety, be vigilant during alerts and check the meteo France website or that of theprefecture of Gard.

For those who prefer swimming in large bodies of water, you can take advantage of the Base Nautique des Camboux, 30 minutes from Alès.

Alès Plage also offers a pleasant space to enjoy an amazing setting two minutes from downtown.

Tips and best practices

To preserve the river throughout the year


In order for 30% of your sunscreen not to end up in the water, apply it at least 30 min before swimming or after. Choose a sunscreen without chemical components, with biodegradable mineral UV filters, certified by the Ecocert Cosmebio label. You can simply shift your exposure time or put anti-UV t-shirts to your children, to avoid the cream.

Don’t build dams

Slowing down the flow of the river causes the water to warm up and impacts the river’s flora and fauna. In addition, during spawning season, some fish, such as the southern barb, for example, swim up the river. The dams are so many obstacles to reach the breeding areas.

Be quiet

To avoid disturbing wildlife, prefer bird song to loud music imposed on everyone. Stay away from animals so as not to scare them.

Don’t leave any trace of your passage

Take something with you to bring back your trash. Near the parking lots, there are always trash cans.

Don’t play with fire

Never build a fire even if you are next to a river. Never throw your cigarette butts in the wild. Have your pocket ashtrays ready.

Watch where you step

Prefer sandy areas and avoid as much as possible seagrass and rocky areas which are a richer habitat for wildlife.


And his manifesto for a reasoned practice

This activity can be very impactful for the environment. The Cévennes National Park and committed canyoning professionals have worked on a manifesto of good conduct to preserve the rivers and put forward common values to protect the environment and the living environment in the Cévennes. This document includes nine rules to respect in the canyons (preservation of the sites, safety, sharing of experience with the client) and around (parking, cleanliness of the site, sharing of the environment with other users). Before leaving for your activity, you too can adopt the right reflexes to make your outing as respectful as possible.

Fill your water bottles!

"Gourd Friendly

Water is omnipresent in your life and yet this resource is far from being inexhaustible, it is very important to be aware of it and adjust the needs.

Many of you care about their impact and adopt eco-gestures on a daily basis. In order to prevent you from resorting to single-use plastic bottles, Cévennes Tourism is part of the “Gourd Friendly” dynamic and invites you to fill your water bottles in one of its tourist information offices without compensation. Just ask with a smile!”

If the reception is closed at the time of your visit, here are the drinking water points around each office:

  • Anduze, Anduze fountain (plan de Brie) / Public toilets (plan de Brie).
  • Générargues, Générargues tap, next to the city hall.
  • Mialet, tap of Mialet, place de l’église
  • St Jean du Gard, Stevenson fountain (next to the restaurant de l’Oronge).
  • Alès, fountain of the park of the Bosquet.
  • Vézénobres, tap of Vézénobres (Condamine Street).
  • Génolhac, tap of Génolhac (Rue Aimé Crégut).
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