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We take you to the heart of the Cevennes

A day in Saint-Jean-du-Gard

What to do when spending a day in Saint-Jean-du-Gard
Let yourself be guided! We propose a small and simple itinerary that will lead you to the must-see sites. Follow us…

Morning walk

Let's meet at the market

Ideally, discovering Saint-Jean-du-Gard in one day starts with a walk on the day of the open-air market! There is nothing more convivial than this weekly appointment, on Tuesday morning, to taste the flavors of the Cevennes land and meet the inhabitants of the village.

Animated and colorful, the market of Saint-Jean-du-Gard extends over the entirehistoric center: the clock tower, the castle, the temple and the church, the old bridge and up to the outskirts of the spinning mill Maison Rouge.

In theCaves of Saint-Jean, you will meet the owners who will take you on a journey through theCevennes vineyards

Gourmet break

After the walk, it is “Au Petit Bonheur” that it is good to recharge, with a drink on the terrace and better: a pastry or ice cream homemade and with an undeniable talent! On the spot or to go, a multitude of flavors are offered: coconut, violet, chestnut and more… Fresh effect and happiness guaranteed. Perfect for the rest of the day!

Rendezvous with history

Culture & local crafts break

Discovering the heritage and the monuments steeped in history of Saint-Jean-du-Gard is a very pleasant experience. To visit the village, take the city’s discovery map and wander around as you please. Or follow the proposed itinerary and go to meet the identity past of Saint-Jean-du-Gard!

The unavoidable “Maison Rouge” is to be visited all year. It is a museum in which are exposed a multitude of objects, working tools, pottery and various utensils telling the history of the village and the region.

If you feel like it, also go to meet the artists-painters and artisans of art of Saint-Jean-du-Gard. Ceramists, cutlers, jewelers and silk weavers perpetuate a traditional and modern know-how. Push the door of one of these shop-boutiques in the center and, in all intimacy, you will discover in their home a whole sensitive, poetic and fascinating universe.

Let come to you also “L’imprévue”, the time of an exhibition-discovery. Publishing house, place of exhibition and meetings, this associative space is located in rue du Général Lafont.

Did you know that?

Maison Rouge, Cévennes valleys museum

Maison Rouge welcomes you to a renowned former spinning mill

Very representative of the workshops where silk was spun, Maison Rouge was the last French silk spinning mill and closed permanently in 1965. Its rebirth and conversion into a museum dates from 2017.

In the heart of nature

Activities not to be missed

What better way to recharge your batteries than in agreen and preserved setting. Enjoy, have fun, share and fill up on 100% nature experiences: what fun! Whether alone, with your family or in a group, take the time to get to know the local flora and fauna and the beautiful panoramas of Saint-Jean-du-Gard.

Many short hiking trails start from the post office parking lot.
If you are tempted by adventure and have the possibility of high hiking, take the GR 70 or GR 6 paths, following in the footsteps of the Scottish writer R.L. Stevenson.

Take advantage of the calm of nature to disconnect and break away from everyday life, the time of a trip to the Cevennes. With a donkey, the experience is all the more singular. Try it.

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