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Visits in the Gardons valley

Finally the vacations!”
Here you are on the Cevennes destination, put down your suitcases and bags, relax and enjoy 5 ideas for visits in the Gardons valley. Lovers of gardens and wide open spaces, in search of culture and authentic heritage, craving for natural wealth; find here our must-sees to explore the time of a visit.

Garden and large space

La Bambouseraie

Slumber in an exotic garden!

Slumber in an exotic garden where scents and natural riches come together for a total disconnection. Discover the history and origin of the Bamboo Grove whose first plantations of Bamboos and exotic species begin in 1856 with the botanist Eugene Mazel. Since then more than 200 species of Bamboos and 1000 varieties of rare flowers, remarkable trees are offered in this park classified among the most beautiful gardens in France. In any season, an unexpected journey awaits you in the heart of the Cevennes, bamboo meadow, flowering greenhouses, water garden, Asian village, Japanese valley, plant maze, aerial walk. Throughout the visit, La Bambouseraie offers you a unique moment with nature.

La Bambouseraie is also a theater of greenery reserved for the sensitivity of plastic artists and sculptors. You will observe during your journey a whole imaginary world nestled in the heart of the park, unusual and grandiose works in a space of natural wealth.

Cevennes Steam Train

In the days of the steam locomotive!

Book your ticket and embark on an unforgettable journey aboard the Cevennes steam train! One way or round trip, choose your trip according to your program. Contemplate the exceptional landscape of the Gardons valleys between Saint-Jean-du-Gard and Anduze passing through the Bambouseraie. Tunnels and viaducts follow one another while the Gardon River plays hide and seek with your eyes. An experience to live with your eyes wide open and your nose in the wind.
Enjoy special trains for a unique journey with Le baptême Loco, Le train des Saveurs, La voiture restaurant, Le secret du Cévennes express, Le train des marchés.

Culture and authentic heritage

Maison Rouge, Musée des Vallées Cévenoles

Arts and popular traditions!

Hidden in the alleys of the Industry district, Maison Rouge, a silk spinning mill built in 1838, is the largest in Saint-Jean-du-Gard and above all the most beautiful to discover. Vast rectangular building, with two levels, openwork with arched bays, it stands out for the magnificent monumental double revolution staircase of 48 steps. Classified in 2003 Historic Monuments, it now houses a society museum dedicated to the identity and culture of the Cevennes.

Grace the 48 steps, walk through more than 1500 m2 of discovery space and discover the richness of the Cevennes cultural heritage through a collection of objects, tools, documents, testimonies of the history of daily life and Cevennes know-how highlighted by acontemporary scenography.

The museum offers a rich program all year round (thematic tours, educational workshops, temporary exhibitions, free outdoor summer animations), an outdoor tour and an ethnobotanical garden complete the museum’s offer.

Musée du Désert

First museum of the history of Protestantism in France!

Enter the home of the Camisard leader Rolland (1680-1704), its rooms house a collection of objects and documents evoking the period of clandestinity and resistance of the Protestants during the Camisard War. Discover more than two centuries of the history of French Protestantism, from the birth of the Reformation (1517) to the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Citizen in 1789 at the Musée du Désert in Mialet.

During the entire summer, the museum offers “Les Mercredis du Musée du Désert” (open-air lectures, free of charge), temporary exhibitions, an evening assembly at the Mas Soubeyran, and an Assembly of the Désert in September.

Natural wealth

Grotte de Trabuc

An exceptional natural heritage!

Multiply the unforgettable experiences in an exceptional natural underground universe! In autonomy or guided for a classic visit or otherwise, by the light of 1600 candles or as an explorer equipped with a Carbide Lamp, visit or revisit the Trabuc cave.

During a journey arranged,interactive and sound, admire at more than 100 meters deep, the preserved mineral curiosities, draperies, columns, jellyfish, underground lake, waterfall and its turquoise water … and still, the unexplained of the 100,000 soldiers.
And for the most adventurous, fill up with emotion and live an adventure in underground safari caving.

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