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Marie and Pascal

From Mas Suéjol

When we talk about ecotourism, we often think of actors committed to the protection of nature…but sustainable tourism is also about taking care of others…

An unusual story

Let's meet Marie and Pascal, in Anduze

At Mas Suéjol, Marie and Pascal, freshly installed on the heights of Anduze, integrate the human aspect in their way of approaching this new profession.

She, in professional reconversion, he young retiree, the couple takes over in 2019, this structure of bed and breakfast and cottages established for twelve years on strong environmental values. March 2020, while all the indicators are green for a beautiful pre-season … here is that a virus from China comes to disrupt all the projects of this duo shock … Confined in a beautiful Cevennes farmhouse, surrounded by a magnificent 8-hectare plot of land, Marie and Pascal feel privileged, even if they are obviously worried about the future of their business. Like many, they have heard this story, from the Vilanova Ehpad in Corbas, near Lyon, where some of the staff, on a voluntary basis, confined themselves with their residents. The objective was obviously to protect them from the coronavirus, but also to allow them to continue living normally, together, in the structure. Touched by this remarkable gesture of solidarity, Marie and Pascal wanted to thank these men and women in their own way, by offering them a Cévennes interlude at the beginning of July. The Taverne d’Anduze restaurant chose to join this initiative by offering meals. A phone call to the manager and the invitation is launched… A small group managed to free up some time to enjoy this Anduzian break. The meeting, between the “confined” team of the Ehpad and the owners, is sincere. All are happy to exchange on this unprecedented period and on the way they lived it…necessarily radically opposed.

This “human” experience is for Marie and Pascal, the first one of this new life at Mas Suéjol… but the social aspect has always been part of, the couple’s driving forces… there will be other initiatives so that encounters, sharing, exchanging are at the heart of their professional and personal activities.

To meet them

1405 chemin de Fraisal, Suejol 30140 ANDUZE

04 66 60 92 55

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