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Sylvain and Laurence

A "perfume of adventure".

Here we do not present anymore Sylvain and Laurence Tirfort…

Pioneers in ecotourism commitment, they have been working for more than fifteen years in the Cévennes (much more overseas) to offer responsible and sustainable tourism in the Mialet valley they love so much… and beyond thanks to their involvement in the Cévennes ecotourism association.

Labeled committed Sustainable Tourism by Cévennes Tourism and beneficiaries of the Esprit parc national brand for their “Parfum d’Aventure” in Générargues, the couple offers in this eco-responsible park of 4.5 Hectares, an approach to nature, in the trees with 15 accrobranches courses, by the river and under the woods with games, huts, or labyrinth… all this in a zero waste policy.

They create in 2015, on the same principles, the Bois des Plumes, accrobranche park, in St Jean du Gard in a natura 2000 area.

Finalists in the Palmes du tourisme durables 2020, for their actions in favor of biodiversity, Laurence and Sylvain have recently saved a baby beaver, victim of a river flood….by joining forces with Goupil connexion, a wildlife hospital, they allow this little rodent to regain its strength…and to return in complete serenity to its natural habitat, the banks of the Gardon.

Lovers of nature and passionate about the Cévennes, the couple is keen to share their convictions with visitors. Spending the day at the Parfum d’Aventure park, in this paradisiacal and natural environment, one discovers that it is possible to have fun while reducing one’s impact on this territory of the Cevennes National Park. Traveling in the trees, being lulled to sleep by the sound of cicadas, setting sail in an exceptional pirate ship, refreshing yourself in preserved water, tasting local ice creams and drinks… so many promises (and many others) for an eco-responsible leisure day!

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2075 Route de Mialet 30140 GÉNÉRARGUES

06 79 85 99 78

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