Mushroom picking in the CevennesMushroom picking in the Cevennes
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Walk in the forest and gourmet tasting

picking and recipe

From mushroom picking to the gourmet pleasure on your plate!

It’s time for a walk in the undergrowth to breathe in the smell of moss, basket under the arm, in search of mushrooms for a flavorful gathering. Ceps and chanterelles are waiting for you at the bend of the path. Collected with measure and precaution to preserve the resource, these delicious mushrooms will delight your taste buds.

On returning home, don your chef’s apron. You’ll appreciate the simplicity of an authentic, homegrown recipe. The mushroom is happiness to pick and pleasure in the kitchen.


Mushroom picking season

In the Cevennes, autumn reserves beautiful sunny days conducive to walks in the forest. Blue sky, mild temperature, the morning is ideal for mushroom picking!

Families, couples, nature lovers, everyone finds pleasure in wandering under the russet foliage of trees in search of mushrooms.

Tasty and tasty, the cep, the chanterelle, the sheep’s foot or even the recognizable coulemelle with its large umbrella, are quite easy to flush out.

With their humid forests, the Cevennes and the Cevennes National Park are the perfect destination to pick mushrooms often numerous, near the pines, oaks, chestnut and beech trees.

Our advice

For a successful harvest

In the kitchen for the chef's recipe

2 easy preparation ideas

On returning home, clean the mushrooms by gently scraping them with a small knife. If any soil remains, a quick rinse with clean water should be enough to remove the last of the debris.

Then, eat them quickly as mushrooms become toxic as they age. They can also be stored in the freezer, dried or put in jars. This way you can cook them throughout the year.

Now to your pans in order to cook your mushrooms!

Here are family recipe ideas, simple and gourmet for an authentic local cuisine. No need to weigh or measure, let the chef in you express himself.


First, the pan.

Whether it’s chanterelles, porcini or other mushrooms, it’s foolproof. Fry your mushrooms in olive oil and add some onions, salt, pepper and parsley. Don’t cook for too long as the mushroom will reduce quickly.

It’s already ready!

Did you know?

The mushroom also goes very well with meats such as roast and stews. The inimitable flavor of the porcini mushroom will magnify your dish.

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