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Florence Portefaix

Dream of light

Once upon a time, a “Dream of Light” …. An artist’s studio located in a beautiful farmhouse in the middle of the vineyards in the small village of Tornac.

A lighting designer

After a career as a nurse, Florence Portefaix now lets her creativity speak for itself, according to her desires.
It is through a thoughtful assembly of papers, playing with light, color and transparency that each Florence Portefaix lamp comes to life. The artist uses precious papers of artisanal manufacture realized on base of vegetable fibres. These supports are made in an ancestral way and give the works a multitude of patterns and colors. Florence realizes some pieces in Nepalese vegetable paper or handmade paper from Korea, from fair trade.
In her workshop-showroom, she shares with pleasure her passion by explaining the different phases of her work, from the choice of supports to the assembly of the lamp.

To meet her:

903 chemin de Molière 30140 Tornac – Tel: 06 62 71 12 73

Meeting with Florence Portefaix
Meeting with Florence Portefaix
Portrait d'artiste : Florence Portefaix
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