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Salon des Artisans d’Art 2023

Cévennes Tourism and Maison Rouge – Musée des vallées cévenoles are joining forces to help you discover the nuggets of the territory. Throughout the weekend, a beautiful diversity of know-how is presented through demonstrations, workshops, conferences and sharing under the theme “Let’s sublimate the everyday”.
Exceptional meetings will allow you to better understand what is hidden behind the works presented.

Red House

All the Cevennes in a museum!

Why the chestnut tree is called the breadfruit tree, the mulberry tree, the golden tree?

An incredible collection of 10,000 exhibits gives an understanding of the life, the savoir-faire and the history of the Cevennes.
The Cevennes and craftsmanship is a great love story.

Maison Rouge – Museum of the Cévennes valleys hosts a collection of objects of all materials made locally: chestnut wood, leather, metal, earth, wicker, glass, on paper and obviously silk.

Crafted, woven, embroidered, each object is unique. It speaks for itself of life in the Cevennes, of the men and women who shaped them to their measure.

Welcoming to Maison Rouge, the art craftsmen’s fair makes sense. It is an opportunity to show these skills, to show that they are rooted in the daily life, to pay tribute to them, to make them endure and that they sublimate the daily life.

Hopefully the marriage of Maison Rouge and art crafts.

See you

On Saturday, April 1 and Sunday, April 2 from10am to 6pm on the museum’s first floor. Free access to the exhibition hall.


The good plan: on the 1st Sunday of the month, the museum is free.

Not to be missed


Sylvie Fournier

At the crossroads of passions for travel, fabric and nature lie textile block printing and natural colors. The fabrics printed and dyed by Sylvie Fournier tell of her learning at the source -in Rajasthan- of ancestral techniques and her fascination for the plants that surround her here in the Cevennes.

Saturday, April 1 at 11:00 am: Tatakizome workshop

Coming from Japan, tatakizome is a botanical printing technique on fabric. It is simple to set up, pleasant to practice, and the results are quite spectacular.

An opportunity to discover the region’s plants in a different way, travel with your hands, and leave with a pretty design to hang on the wall or sew for a unique piece.

You can come with a few stems of plants that you like.

Possibility to print a tote bag (participation of 3 euros for the tote bag).

Duration: 45-60 mn
Registration on site: 10 people

Tel: 07 60 25 34 95


Jimmy GrandAdam

The Maison GrandAdam manufactures, in the most traditional methods of leather goods, all of its leather items in Florac in the heart of the Cevennes National Park (cutting, dyeing, assembling, polishing and hand sewing are done in the workshop): belts, bags, cases or other custom projects.

Design, purity and sustainability are the key words for both the products and the workshop open to all.

To be discovered during the weekend: Presentation of hand sewing and exchanges on leathers, their manufacture, and the different ways of working them.

Saturday, April 1 and Sunday, April 2, 2023 from 4:00 PM (while space is available)
Wristband workshop

Tel: 06 73 18 08 49

Alain Mailland

All of Alain Mailland’s work is based on the beauty and characteristics of each wood. He uses mainly roots and fresh cuttings from the region because they are precious woods with extraordinary patterns and colors: pistachio, arbutus, heather, filaria, hackberry, etc. Alain Mailland uses very fine wood to make these delicate pieces. For this craftsman of art, there is a connection between all species on earth: we can find animal and mineral forms in roots and plants, and vice versa. The kingdoms intersect, the borders are blurred. Humans are linked with all creatures living on earth. This is what Alain Mailland feels when he shapes his pieces. Thanks to the lathe and its techniques, Alain Mailland can reproduce all the circular structures that we observe in the universe, from the atom to the galaxy. For him, the birth of his creations is the embodiment of his dreams.

Sunday, April 2 at 3:00 pm: Thirty years of discoveries in turning and carving with Midi woods. Projection of photos of work in progress and realization of the pieces. Journey into a new organo-cosmic world!

Cluz Stained Glass

Nathalie Falaschi

The workshop “Vitraux CLUZ” is dedicated to the creation and restoration of damaged stained glass. It is in line with the tradition and respect for the ethical and deontological values of Master glassmakers since the Middle Ages! Founded in 2010 by Nathalie Falaschi, a stained glass artist trained in ancient techniques such as lead stained glass, painting on glass and more recent techniques such as the glass slab or the Tiffany technique with copper ribbon. The workshop was able to intervene on sites of creations and restorations in places as varied as churches, temples and classified monuments (castles of the 15th century, chapels) as well as for private residences.
It also makes lamps and wall sconces original and colorful to magnify your interior (square, round, rectangular …).

Saturday, April 1 at 3:00 pm : Conference

“Stained Glass” or how to take care of a fragile heritage! Thin wall of glass and lead, the stained glass window by its interior/exterior position is prey to the aggressions of the weather, vandalism but also to those related to the building in which it rests: humidity, incense smoke, micro-organisms; This conference will reveal the methods used by a Master glassmaker of the 21st century to remedy all these evils.

Tel: 06 38 51 49 63

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