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Sewing and recycling

A seamstress who makes sense of the second hand, moreover she offers you sewing lessons! Meet her either on her website or directly in her workshop.

Artisan Costume Designer

Seamstress in Cevennes

L’Atelier ChaZalote is a workspace dedicated to sewing and Transition!
Artisan costume designer and seamstress for over 10 years, Charlotte Chazarenc takes a stand against the violent and harmful overconsumption of today’s textile products. Raising awareness, passing on her know-how and offering quality alternatives to as many people as possible is an exciting challenge that makes sense.

Charlotte offers sewing & recycling classes and workshops from 6 years old.
Customized orders and handmade creations in organic or recycled fabrics.
The Atelier ChaZalote offers bartering and accepts the local currency Aïga.

To meet her:

267, chemin d’orthoux
30140 Tornac

Tel: 06 07 74 58 84

Meeting with Charlotte Chazarenc
Meeting with Charlotte Chazarenc
JEMA - Charlotte Chazarenc - Le textile et l'écoresponsabilité
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