The GR67

A loop to discover the Cévennes
Gr67 Tour Of The Cevennes Country Hiking In CevennesGr67 Tour Of The Cevennes Country Hiking In Cevennes
©Gr67 Tour Of The Cevennes Country Hiking In Cevennes

Crossing the Cévennes National Park, renowned for the richness of its flora and fauna, the proposed loop offers a whole range of landscapes and sensations…

From Anduze, the starting and finishing point, you will criss-cross the drailles, striking witnesses to the history of our region.

GR 67

The Tour in Cevennes

This hike spans the Gard and Lozère regions, for a loop starting and finishing in Anduze. It crosses the Parc National des Cévennes.

You’ll discover a landscape shaped entirely by the hand of man, and architecture, at the service of the everyday and the useful. Cévennes homes blend harmoniously into the landscape. Everything is designed and built to make the most of local resources. Thisterraced environment, the famous faïsses or bancels, or the wide open spaces opened up bysheep flocks are the work of men and their animals.

The planting of chestnut and mulberry trees, on these plots of land torn from the mountains, bear witness to this secular labor. With its 125 km and a maximum altitude of 1168 m., the GR 67 offers a relief that alternates schist and granit.The loop is completed in 7 stages, on the Mediterranean side of the Massif Central to discover a country of character.

The spectacle offered by the panoramas on the crests, is striking in its beauty. You’ll enjoy an enriching walking experience, sometimes difficult as some parts of the path are steep. The GR 67 is an excellent choice for nature-loving hikers keen to venture onto a path less traveled.

The Gardon Valley tour

a 121 km loop that can be completed in 5 or 6 days

Starting from Anduze, the various stages of the GR67 will take hikers to Colognac, Aire-de-Côte and then to the summit of Mont-Aigoual before reaching Barre-des-Cévennes, Les Ayres and finishing in Anduze.
At the foot of the Aigoual, the path will take in the ridges overlooking the Gardons valleys. This magnificent aerial route first follows the Draille de la Margeride, a sheep trail, a vestige of transhumance, which passes over the Asclié and Pas passes. After Aire-de-Côte and Barre-des-Cévennes, you return either via the draille du Languedoc (Les Ayres) or via Pont-de-Burgen. This variant offers two more balanced stages, while the route via Les Ayres requires stages of 7h3O and 8h45. Between Mialet and Anduze, the Mas Soubeyran and its Musée du Désert (an important Protestant site) and the Bambouseraie in the Cévennes are essential stops for those wishing to discover this region.

There are numerous gîtes d’étape along this Cevennes trail, providing friendly stopping-off points after each day’s walk.

For further information

The FFRandonnée 603 topo-guide La Grande Traversée du Gard including the GR® 66 – Tour du Mont Aigoual and the GR® 67 – Tour du Pays Cévenol is available from the Anduze tourist information office.

Idée de séjours

Discover the southern part of the GR 67 in 3 stages.

  • Day 1 L’Asclier – Colognac: 10.5 km
  • Day 2 Colognac – Anduze: 19.5 km
  • Day 3 Anduze – Mialet: 9.5 km

On these stages, you’ll encounter traditional Cevennes architecture. You’ll come across oak and chestnut trees. You may be lucky enough to come across a herd of sheep transhumant on the drailles at the Col de l’Asclier, in late spring for the ascent to the summer pastures at Mont Aigoual. In Mialet, you’ll be in the middle of Camisard country, as the religious past is never far away in the Cévennes.

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