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3 universes in 1 !

Urban Parc

Atypical place in the heart of Alès

Urban parc is a unique place in France which proposes in a space of 1000m2, a multi-activities park “Indoor” (supervised by qualified people), a restaurant labeled Green Foods and a very eclectic cultural program! All this with a smile and the desire to move the lines a little…

An "Indoor" project in the heart of Alès

a former industrial boiler room

This is the crazy bet of a band of enthusiasts that, from their association, gives birth to URBAN PARC. In 2016, Charlie, Flavien and Caroline had a real crush on this century-old factory located in Pré St Jean. Writing a new history in this industrial heritage seduced them.
The concept is simple, to have on a unique place, open all year round, a space of meeting and intergenerational sharing with:

  • A park multi-activities : Skate-park, Accrobranche, Tyrolean traverse, Trampoline…
  • A restaurant : Local or organic and always homemade !
  • A space dedicated toevents : Concerts, Exhibition, Conference, Games, Dance, Tasting…

All this, in a convivial and colorful atmosphere with the huge Graffs of the “sporty” part of the place !

The multi-activity park

For thrill seekers

This part of the hangar, decorated with colorful Graff, is composed of a skate-park, an accrobranche with 35 workshops, two tyroliennes of 20m, a small climbing wall, a ball pool and even a suspended trampoline zone of 30m2.
This park, accessible from 3 years old, is secured and supervised by professionals.
The accrobranche part at 4m high is reserved for children over 1m20.
A lower part at 2m is open for the little ones (1m minimum).

The skate-park of 600m2 welcomes a wide audience; from beginners to professionals, training courses are offered. You can even celebrate your birthday with a good homemade cake!
It is possible to take a card for the year and to rent the equipment and the protections on the spot.
Even if this space is glazed and closed (to cut a little the noise), there is only a door to push to arrive in the part Bistrot Gallery.

The Bistro Gallery

Organic or local, always in season and home-made!

From the very beginning of the adventure, the golden rule of the food court was to work withorganic or local products, with alternatives forvegetarians and vegans. An obviousness in fact, it was difficult to do otherwise!
This approach has generated a big enthusiasm among customers, (the outdoor terrace and the local beers too).

Today the restaurant has become a reference in Alès.
Here we imagine the recipes according to the suppliers… with one idea in mind, to offer quality dishes for customers in the respect of the environment.
The Bistrot Galerie has chosen the Green Foods label to accompany it in this sustainable logic.
Green Foods is the 1st eco-responsible label for the restaurant industry in France.
To obtain it, the restaurant owner must respect at least 6 criteria of a 10-commitment sustainable development charter with the obligation to use local and/or organic products for the conception of dishes.

Did you know

The Green Foods charter

This charter includes the following 10 points:

  • Use local/organic seasonal products
  • Propose at least 1 Vegetarian menu… At the Bistrot Galerie, there are even Vegan proposals.
  • Use fresh products through just-in-time inventory management
  • Implement selective sorting
  • Revaluate organic waste
  • Propose a doggy bag for the rest of meals
  • Revaluate unsold food
  • Use natural and or ecological cleaning products
  • Reduce water and energy expenses
  • Source renewable energy

The cultural space

A multi-faceted program

Urban Parc is also a cultural space for all.
Various and eclectic programming is offered throughout the year: exhibitions, theaters, improvisation theaters, concerts, cinema, tastings, dance classes…

The programming calendar is to follow on the Facebook page:

Partnerships, with the Festival Cinéma d’Alès, Itinérances, the Verrerie d’Alès “Colorcircus” or the Casa’Jeux (among others) make Urban Parc a place resolutely anchored in the Alesian ecosystem.

Urban Parc is a concept that allows to welcome on the same place families, with teenagers or very young children who would like to let off steam (safely)! As well as friends or couples happy to discover a healthy cuisine, full of flavors and colors.
On sunny days, an outdoor space is set up to enjoy your meal outdoors.
During cultural events, it is the bistro/gallery part that is invested, which allows addicts to enjoy the multi-activity park a little more before appreciating the friendly atmosphere of the evening and the gourmet proposals of the cooks!

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