Stroll With Donkey Luziers November 2022Stroll With Donkey Luziers November 2022
©Stroll With Donkey Luziers November 2022|Olivier Octobre

Sensations and outdoor activities

A breath of fresh air in the heart of the Cevennes

Our advice for outdoor activities : between forest activities, tree climbing, indoor leisure, bicycle rail…

Live a magical experience

Listen to the bellowing of the stag in the heart of the Cevennes forest

At nightfall, in the heart of the forest, in a mythical atmosphere, set out to meet the king of the forest: the deer. A flashlight, walking shoes, binoculars, a little wool for the cool of the evening, a seasoned guide and off you go to listen to the powerful bellowing of the Cevennes deer!”

A unique appointment with wildlife that leaves room for an unforgettable memory.

The deer is an animal difficult to observe, the rutting period, from September to October, is conducive to the observation of the deer because its cry can locate it. Indeed, each year in autumn, the deer and hinds meet on the same pastures of the Cevennes National Park that are called the “places of the Brame”.

Think of booking your evening with qualified guides who will teach you to observe wildlife in the respect of nature.


4 places, 4 atmospheres

For a day or a half-day with family or friends, we recommend 4 places with their own specificities to enjoy nature and experience new sensations!


A leisure park in the heart of Alès

Urban park is a place with a unique friendly atmosphere in France which offers 1000m2 of indoor activities: Skate-park, Tree climbing, Tyrolean traverse, Trampoline… (supervised by professionals), with also a restaurant labeled Green Foods and a very rich cultural program to occupy your evenings!


Route on the railway line of the Cevennes steam train between the station of Thoiras and that of Générargues.

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