Deer in the CevennesDeer in the Cevennes
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An amazing experience

The bellowing of the deer

Autumn evenings are enlivened by a raucous and powerful sound through the woods of the Cevennes National Park. It is the bellowing of the deer that resounds.

At nightfall, in the magic of the forest, live a privileged moment with nature, on the tracks of the deer. A flashlight, walking shoes, binoculars, a little wool for the cool of the evening, and off you go to listen to the mythical bellowing of the Cevennes deer!”

A unique appointment with wildlife that leaves room for an unforgettable memory.

Mission "Brame du cerf

End of September in the heart of the forest


Our expedition starts at 4pm, when the sunlight starts to drop on the Cevennes.

This is when we meet our guide and the other members of the group. The opportunity to learn more about deer (biology, lifestyle, behavior …) and make a reminder of safety instructions and attitude to adopt throughout this evening: be patient, discreet, quiet and respectful!

The deer

A rare and discreet animal to observe

The Cevennes are home to a majestic inhabitant that is also called “the king of the forest” or “the ghost of the woods.”

Despite its imposing physique (more than 200 kilos), one must be endowed with patience if one wants to observe this animal in its natural environment.

The period of rutting, from September to October, is conducive to the observation of the deer because its cry can locate it. Indeed, every year in autumn, the stags and hinds gather on the same pastures of the Cevennes National Park that are called the “places of the Roe”.

As in any herd, a hierarchy is created and forces to dominate. Some large males defend their territory and their females by their brame, their corpulence, their antlers and their combativeness, even if the fights remain rare.

After this period of reproduction, the stags and hinds separate in the forest.

Interpreting the tracks

Careful observation… We begin our hike at sunset in single file and in silence.

On the way, our guide explains to us how to spot the clues and interpret the tracks of the wildlife (wild boar, fox, deer, night birds, amphibians, etc). All our senses are on alert to meet the king of the forest.

The long-awaited moment

At a break, we take the time to swallow a quick snack before heading out again.

In the excitement of this encounter, we continue on our way through the last glimmers of sunlight and the magical landscapes that the Cevennes offer.

As night falls, a loud thud pierces the forest. We have just heard the bellowing of the deer, an indescribable cry that resounds in the valley.

Arrived at our observation point, we settle down with binoculars in hand, waiting for the deer. With patience, we witness a concert of bellowing from several deer.

And finally we can observe, in the distance, a deer and a herd of hinds as well as wild boars. We especially notice the antlers of the deer that make it so powerful and majestic and the sensitivity of these wild animals to the slightest noise.

Magical memories

We end up, after long observations in silence, turning back in the moonlight.

These magical memories of a unique moment are engraved in our memories. It is an unforgettable experience and sensations to recommend to nature lovers.

Our advice for listening to the deer's bellow

The ideal time to witness this impressive parade is between mid-September and mid-October. It is indeed, the time that marks the mating season for the king of the forest.

The Cevennes National Park has many privileged areas to witness this incredible show where the bellowing sounds in the forest.

Bring warm (gloves, hat, jacket) and unobtrusive (plain, dark) clothing, walking shoes, binoculars or spyglass, flashlight or headlamp, a water bottle and a picnic lunch (no waste)

Avoid perfume that the animal might smell

Don’t take your pets

Stay away from wild animals and don’t stray from the paths

Remember to turn off your lights when you arrive at the observation site

We advise you to organize your expeditions with professionals who will be able to guide you, respect the environment and the protection of deer. We must not lose sight of the fact that the animals are on their territory, visitors who enter the middle of the dark forest, must adopt a cautious and discreet posture.

Qualified guides:
Sentiers Vagabonds : 04 66 60 24 16
Manuel Jacquet : 06 70 00 12 46
Willy : 06 85 02 23 11
La maison de l’aventure : 06 71 08 29 17

Want to get a first impression?
Want to get a first impression?
Visualisez notre reportage au cœur de la forêt, une nuit avec le brame du cerf !
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