Pedal nature

The Velorail in the Cevennes

Route on the railway line of the Cevennes steam train between the station of Thoiras and that of Générargues.

What is the Velorail? It is a railway vehicle, propelled by the muscular force of our legs. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be athletic to do this activity. What matters is that you can enjoy the view as you ride along the railroad tracks between Thoiras and Générargues stations.

A journey in the heart of the valley

The route begins from the small Thoiras train station. Soon we arrive at the first stage of this adventure, passing over the Viaduct of the Thoiras-Lasalle plain. We then witness an unobstructed view of a landscape rich in greenery, which pushes us to continue the journey

Through this excursion, we are privileged to have a unique view of the Gardon River that leaves us with a feeling of total immersion in the surrounding nature.

The rest of our ride passes over other viaducts and through some small tunnels in which we can escape for a short time to the Cevennes sun.

Arrived at the gare station of Générargues, after 3 km of riding, we turn around and go back the other way to the station of Thoiras.

A night crossing

During the summer

Do you prefer nighttime activities? It is also possible to approach this route at 7:00 pm to discover the landscapes at dusk.

On this expedition, you will have a planned stop for a picnic and share a drink of friendship – allowing you time to fully appreciate the surrounding nature.

Equip yourself for the occasion with a flashlight, essential on the way back.

This evening will definitely leave you with more than just a good memory: expect a great time, which you will love to share, with family, lovers or friends.

Our tips

After 1h30 of happiness, it’s time to refresh by sitting at the terrace of the station. The opportunity to hydrate, eat an ice cream or have a snack. If you want local products or a souvenir to take away, go to the store “Terroir Cévennes” which is located in front of the station.

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