La Grande Palliere Les Capelans November 2022 Bd Olivier October 19La Grande Palliere Les Capelans November 2022 Bd Olivier October 19
©La Grande Palliere Les Capelans November 2022 Bd Olivier October 19|Olivier Octobre

Nature escape

During your vacation, are you more into contemplation or action and thrills? Coming to the Cévennes is first and foremost a nature experience. The destination allows you to enjoy the beauty of the countryside at your own pace and according to your own desires, alongside passionate professionals!

For the curious

Participating in an outing with Sentiers Vagabonds means experiencing the Cévennes in a different way.
“Vagabonds” like to transmit knowledge of the natural and ethical environment in a fun and friendly way.

Atypical experiences are offered throughout the year to discover the fauna and flora of the Cévennes.Walk in the footsteps of the beaver, sunrise in the Cévennes, natural and cultural heritage hikes, stag bellowing, vulture parade… These proposals are a promise of disconnected and privileged moments in the heart of nature!

For dreamers

Far from extraordinary views that make your head spin, the Safari Souterrain transports you to the opposite of your senses in an unknown world in an incomparable sound atmosphere.

Try the underground adventure at Grotte de Trabuc! In the depths and bowels of the earth you follow in the footsteps of Georges Vaucher, the first explorer of the upper network of the Grotte de Trabuc.

You weave your way between stalactites and stalagmites, with a guided tour to accompany you in your evolution as an apprentice caver.

Horizontal cavities, large volumes, crystallizations, underground river, a guaranteed atmosphere for 4h expedition to discover the world of caves. On the upper section, the Grotte de Trabuc is fully equipped for a more classic visit.

For athletes

or not

Trott’in Gard takes you behind the handlebars of electric scooters to discover the region. This fun, effortless (or almost!) approach lets you go further than on foot while respecting the environment.

In partnership with local players, Philippe organizes themed tours around local produce, savoir-faire or heritage.

For adventurers

If you want to break away from the daily grind, get out of your comfort zone and finally refocus on what’s essential, don’t hesitate any longer, go on a stage bushcraft with Vue des Cimes! During this autonomous wilderness immersion, Raphaël will teach you how to orient yourself on a map, learn about water management, differentiate between plants and mushrooms, prepare a bivouac and much more…

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