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Activities to do with your family

Our favorites for unforgettable family moments

The Cevennes are the ideal playground for families. Here, family activities are practiced in an authentic and preserved nature. They offer varied and unique atmospheres, favourable to discovery and conviviality. Going to the Cévennes with your family is naturally to visit the must-see places in our rich territory.

Around the animals

The Animal Garden of Mialet

Go with your family to discover the Animal Garden of Mialet, where more than 300 animals are to be met.

Among all these animals you will find exotic birds, something to feast your children’s eyes on! Follow the shaded discovery path in summer, at your own pace, and join the contact areas with the miniature animals in the garden to experience a true moment of complicity as a family. A unique rendezvous with nature awaits you.

In the Gardons valley

The Cevennes Steam Train


Coming to the Cevennes is bound to take the picturesque Cevennes Steam Train at least once. With family or friends, it is the promise of a moment of wonder, of a return to childhood at the first whistle of the locomotive.

The retro atmosphere of the station, the steam that whistles, the wheels that screech on the rails, the swaying of the cars immediately awaken the good mood that lies dormant in us and provide a childlike joy. The eyes of the little ones shine and the parents marvel at the beautiful properties and buildings that line the railroad.

Surface the green waters of the river, cross the tunnels, admire theauthentic landscapes of all beauty. Embark and live a unique moment. Thetime travel can begin!

La Bambouseraie


La Bambouseraie is the other must-see destination of our surprising Cevennes. The change of scenery is immediate. Come and stroll in the wide shaded alleys of the park to discover the multiple varieties of bamboos and other exotic species of exception.

The lush vegetation and the scenery such as the dragon valley create a totally exotic atmosphere, a real invitation to Zen travel. Adjacent to the traditional Lao houses on stilts, the chickens and piglets of the Asian farm will delight the whole family.

After the heat of the greenhouses, find the coolness of the ponds. Then, go and get lost in the bamboo maze. Here, fun guaranteed!”

Do you feel like fun and thrills? The aerial ride at 8 meters high on flexible nets used in navigation, will make you shiver at every step, or not! The little ones are not forgotten: lower nets await them as well as a multi-activity playground.

To recover from all its emotions, a stop at the bamboonack will be appreciated by all. Here, ice creams, drinks and small snacks are on the menu for a gourmet snack, appreciated by young and old.

Unusual in family

Pedaling in the Cevennes


The velorail is yet another way to discover the Cevennes and its wild landscapes. Come and pedal with your family or friends to enjoy a fun and joyful moment in the middle of nature.

You will go from surprise to surprise with the beautiful views on the Gardon and some small jewels of old buildings along the river. You’ll exclaim as you pass over viaducts and through dark tunnels. The velorails spin and glide along the railroad tracks. The pleasure is guaranteed.

Meet at the Thoiras train station for a 6km round trip to Générargues, accessible to all, in a friendly and good-natured atmosphere.

The velorails equipped with a sun protection canvas, accommodate up to 5 people. Adults or older children sit in the front and pedal. The less athletic and the smallest ones are allowed to ride quietly in the back.


Dinopédia Parc


Continue to be amazed by the Cevennes by discovering in the wild the fabulous world of dinosaurs at Dinopédia Parc. Here, huge animated dinosaurs greet you as soon as you enter the park. The life-size giants arouse the curiosity of the little ones and awaken the childlike soul of the older ones.

A strange magical tree tells the legend of Dinopedia and the lost valley. Otto the Dino is the park’s mascot. The orange-colored lava river is home to small dinosaurs perched on the rocks. Will you be able to find them? Other creatures of all species, brachiosaurs, velociraptors, or fearsome tyrannosaurus rex await you at the bend in the path. They breathe, stir, and growl! You will love to be scared !

A lot of games according to age, nets, huts, climbing wall mark the relatively shaded path of about 1km. Rest and picnic areas allow to relax throughout the visit and to find other activities further up. Mini cars, fossil digging sandbox, mini course among the trees, velociraptor cage to be released, Mom Dino with her little ones, time corridor, little train leaving for the fossil forest, are waiting for the children for their greatest joy.

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