Anduze market © Bernadette PriceAnduze market © Bernadette Price
©Anduze market © Bernadette Price
"the territory's DNA

The Cevennes markets

Ambiance, colors, scents and authentic flavors

Come and stroll, hunt, discover and taste the products of the Cevennes region! Our territory is full of friendly markets giving you the opportunity, in any season, to meet local producers who will be delighted to introduce you to their specialties.

In summer, these gatherings grow in size in the alleys, the stalls multiply… and the night markets make their appearance.

Traditional markets

Throughout the year, several traditional markets organized in different places of our territory allow you to discover all the diversity of the products of the Cevennes.

Our favorites:

  • The Cevennes market of La Grand’Combe, Saturdays and Wednesdays, from 8am to 1pm

On the Place Jean Jaurès, it is a market that has been renowned for more than a century, where even those from the “big city” “come up” to stock up on local produce. As the seasons change, the stalls change in color and flavor, for the pleasure of the eyes as well as the taste buds.

In summer, tourists mingle with the locals and the atmosphere is even warmer and typically Mediterranean: it talks, it laughs, it teases… Discover the Cevennes differently with the hundred or so local producers present: charcuterie, meat, fish, goat’s cheese, honey, fresh vegetables, roast chicken and paëllas to take away, olives, green plants and even snails… Everything you will find on the spot, including clothing vendors and camelots as in the past.

  • Les Halles de l’Abbaye (covered market) in Alès, every morning, from 8am to 12pm

More than just a local market, it’s a real place for gastronomic discoveries. Ah, the Halles de l’Abbaye, a place not to be missed in Alès where encounters and conviviality meet with local Cevennes products. Go there, the stallholders will be happy to make you taste their products and tell you about their passion! Seasonal fruits and vegetables from small local producers, but also fish and shellfish are present on the stalls. Taste the Pélardon of the Cevennes, honey, sausages (including the Baron of the Cevennes), sweet onions of the Cevennes or wines IGP Cevennes!

Little more:

Every Monday morning on the Parking du Gardon, an open-air market where you’ll find stalls of clothing, kitchenware and accessories of all kinds.

Markets of the week
  • Tuesday

    Cendras and Génolhac (only in July and August), Saint-Jean du-Gard, Saint-Privat-des-Vieux, Saint-Christol-lez-Alès, and Vézénobres.

  • Wednesday

    La Grand’Combe and Les Mages

  • Thursday

    Anduze, Mialet, Saint-Martin-de-Valgalgues.

  • Friday

    Brouzet-les-Alès, Cendras, Générargues, Rousson, Salindres, Massillargues-Attuech (from 5pm to 8pm, in July and August)

  • Saturday

    Boisset and Gaujac, Génolhac, La Grand’Combe, Saint-Sébastien d’Aigrefeuille, Ribaute-les-Tavernes (last Saturday of the month), Saint-Martin-de Valgalgues, Saint-Jean-du-Gard (from Easter to All Saints)

  • Sunday

    Chamborigaud, Les Près Saint-Jean d’Alès, Saint-Hilaire de Brethmas, Lézan.

Fair and flea markets

Fair markets

Our favorite is definitely The market of Saint-Jean-du-Gard, organized every Tuesday morning from 8am to 1pm. It takes on another dimension, from mid-June until the end of August, as it leaves the halls to unfold in the streets of this beautiful Cevennes village. You stroll from stall to stall of all kinds: clothes, local products, accessories, crafts. The perfect place to find beautiful vacation souvenirs!!The little extra, during the summer: take Le Train à vapeur des Cévennes departing from Anduze, at 09:30, and enjoy the market of St Jean du Gard… then have a bite to eat, before visiting Maison Rouge and taking the train back at 17:30 (last departure) – depending on dates and openings.

During the week, other fair markets await you:

– Every Monday, all year long: Alès;

– Wednesdays and Saturdays: La Grand’Combe;

– Every Thursday in the summer (in July and August): Anduze.

Flea Markets

What if we went on a bit of a family hunt? Here we go for a morning of rummaging through the stalls, between old vinyl, furniture, thrift stores, antique dishes and many other items from another era – all looking for one or more treasures for the family! When the long-awaited object shows up, comes the time of negotiation: we haggle, we discuss the price… and this is what makes all the charm of these markets!

Our favorite: the flea market of Anduze, on Sunday mornings (rue du Luxembourg)

Other flea markets to visit:

– Every Friday, from June to September: Saint-Jean-du-Gard;

– Saturdays: Saint-Christol-lez-Alès;

– Sundays: Alès and Anduze;

The last Sundays of each month: Vézénobres, for the flea market and the vide grenier on the fairground.

Night markets

Shopping on a summer evening

On a cool summer evening, come and enjoy these highlights organized in July and August.

Our favorite: Anduze’s nocturnes, every Tuesday evening, starting at 7pm

What could be more pleasant than walking through the streets of Anduze on a summer evening? This Cevennes village takes you through its narrow streets, from stalls to stalls, to discover a host of local merchants, artists, craftsmen and producers.

The festivities are going well: locals and tourists alike are gathered to enjoy the atmosphere of this market under the stars. On one square: music and people dancing. On another: people eating. On the corner of a street, children banter in front of various accessories for the river. By here, one hesitates between a necklace, a bracelet. And over there, others savor “à la fraîche”, a local craft beer.

The other night market of the summer not to be missed on our territory:

Saint-Jean-du Gard, Thursday evening

Other major festive and commercial events

Events not to be missed

In every season, from spring to winter, many other festive and marketable events await you in the Cévennes, with major annual fairs and markets that are not to be missed, known and recognized as the Anduze potters’ market, the MIAM – fair of gastronomy and local products, Christmas markets…

Check out our article on major local events to learn more. And browse our agenda to find out the dates of these colorful events.

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