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Routes on the Voie Régordane

A few days on an exceptional itinerary

An easy, accessible hiking route in early summer. This was what we were looking for, as a couple, to resume walking at our own pace. The Régordane, from this point of view, fully satisfied us, offering us a trail full of discoveries, in all lightness, with minimal equipment.

Day 0


We had decided to take our time for the arrival. In July, the days are still long, so we were going to be able to enjoy taking our time.
Once our bags were ready, we headed for the Gare d’Alès to catch a train at exactly 2:53pm bound for: Villefort.

We didn’t even have the leisure to doze off: on the one hand, the landscapes we crossed on this line of the Cévenol were very inspiring and hinted at great things to come on foot across these expanses in the opposite direction! On the other hand… we had arrived less than an hour after our departure from Alès!

This gave us plenty of time to drop off our bags at our accommodation and take advantage of the lake to refresh and relax before the stages ahead.


Day 1

from Villefort to Chamborigaud

The Lac de Villefort campsite has kept all its promises for this first night. It’s time to set off in the direction of Chamborigaud. About twenty kilometers for approximately 5 hours of walking announced.

The way is without particular difficulty until Concoules, in the cool. We make a short halt near the 12th-century church before heading further south.

>The route is easy to follow.

We follow Génolhac through the village. It’s a quiet place in the heat that’s beginning to rise. Nevertheless, we take time to stroll through the narrow streets. We chat with a few old-timers about the fascinating history of the village – the fortified village has a long tradition as a land of refuge and tolerance.

Light-hearted, topoguide in hand, we set off again for Chamborigaud, home of Jean-Pierre Chabrol, renowned Cévenol writer, journalist and storyteller. We’ll be delighted to find a cosy room at the chambre d’hôtes de la Ribeyrette, where we’ll be able to relax to our heart’s content.

Day 2

from Chamborigaud to Le Pradel

We take our time over breakfast in Chamborigaud.

In fact, today’s stage is reduced: just 14 km for less than 4 hours’ walking. Enough time for a hearty picnic (and a short nap) at the foot of the Château de Portes! The panorama is sumptuous.

Before reaching this long-awaited pass, we’ll have walked again in fine weather along the hillside in the chestnut grove.

Day 03

du Pradel in Alès

It’s a good thing we booked this B&B a few weeks ago in Le Pradel! There are only a limited number of beds available!

On paper, we still have 18 km and slightly more than 4h30 to walk before reaching Alès.
On this part of the route, there’s no shortage of faïsses, oaks and chestnut trees. Some of the views of Mont Bouquet and the Alès plain come into their own.

We return to Alès along the Gardon, serenely, before being able to sit down and enjoy a cool drink to the health of the kilometers covered, and those to follow!

For info

It is of course possible to extend this very short itinerary, both north and south: a topoguide produced by the Fédération Française de Randonnée Pédestre exists. It describes all the stages, accommodation and points of interest


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