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Beautiful walks and hikes

In the Gardons valley

The most beautiful walks and hikes in the Gardons valley.

Are you an avid hiker or a family looking for routes accessible to all, the Gardons Valley is your destination. You will walk in the middle of the forest among the oaks, pines and chestnut trees. You will enjoy breathtaking views. Enjoy the pleasures of walking and all the diversity of the Cevennes landscapes. THE hike that suits you, is here, in the Gardons Valley.

The plus, the departure of the hikes is in the center of the villages, no need for a vehicle!


The Peak of Arbousse

Isolated Cevennes hamlet in the mountains and breathtaking views are the assets of this pretty hike that takes you to discover the landscapes and panoramas typical of the Cevennes.

This hike of 7 km and about 2h30 / 3h of walking is accessible from 6/8 years old.

You will find the yellow signpost to follow from the post on the parking lot of the post. With children the hike may take longer with breaks. Provide a picnic or snack at the top to regain strength.

The hike is relatively shaded in very tall maritime pines, up to 30 meters. A succession of forest paths and more rocky passages will lead you to the peak. The direct ascent, if you take this option, requires sustained efforts on the last 400 m.

The view on St Jean du Gard is unobstructed and the panorama on the Cevennes and the Corniche are worth the efforts made. On the way back, downhill, the pine needles make the terrain slippery.



Maritime pines, arbutus trees to be seen especially in autumn when the round, spiky fruits offer a flamboyant orange-red color.


The banks of the Gardon

This small hike combines the discovery of walking without difficulty, heritage and great History.

A real cool stop in summer, this 6 km walk for 2h/2h30 of walking starting from the parking lot of the village of Mialet is accessible to families with young children (5/6 years old). You will first follow a yellow marking (PR), then red and white (GR) on the way back. After crossing the Camisards bridge, it follows the river by an easy path.

Possibility of cycling to La Rouquette as there is no difference in altitude on this part. Several swimming access are possible on this portion. It’s appreciable to cool off in the summer or have a picnic by the water.

The 2nd part of the walk takes a less easy path that will join the musée du Désert. Here, take a cultural break! Stop at this unique place of memory in the heart of the Cevennes to immerse yourself in the tumultuous religious past of the Cevennes with the Camisard War.

The walk continues for a return to Mialet by a pleasant path bordering private properties and their gardens.

The Gardon de Mialet valley is a place of life for many plants and animal species. It is a fragile environment classified as a Natura 2000 site whose purpose is to ensure and preserve the human-nature balance.

Did you know?


The river is not public, it belongs to individuals. Please respect the river and the tranquility of the animals in it. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to spot a beaver…


The cliffs of Peyremale

Overlooking Anduze and admiring the Porte des Cévennes, a true gateway to the Cévennes.

This hike of 5 km and about 2.5 hours of walking is accessible from 6/8 years old.

You will find the yellow signpost to follow from the post on the square in front of the city hall. After skirting the docks, the trail takes in portions along the road that require vigilance. The climb up rocky scree also requires some attention.

The trail has little shade. It is best to hike in the morning during hot weather. There is no water point for refueling. The arrival at the top of the cliff culminates at 334 m of altitude at the point “Ancien fort de Rohan”. From here, the view on Anduze and the door of the Cevennes is offered to you.



The rocky natural habitat of Peyremale is home to a diversity of vegetation such as Mediterranean lawn, holm oak scrub, spotted centaury, silene, or even starry hawkweed.

Good to know

on the heights of Anduze, you are on a Natura 2000 protected area. It is a conservation area of the cliffs of Anduze. For the preservation of the trail do not deviate from the marked path.

This area at the foot of the Cevennes with its limestone escarpments is an area of natural habitat for vegetation and fauna to be conserved. It is home to a rich flora with endemic species such as the spotted centaury and species of bats. Presence of sheep that provide natural brush clearing. Do not touch the electric fences. Keep dogs on a leash.

Tips and best practices for responsible hiking


Before you head out on your hike, make sure you have the right equipment.

The terrain of the Cevennes trails is quite rocky. It requires closed shoes, even hiking boots. You will need to take into account the weather conditions. In your backpack, pack water, sun cream, a cap or hat and also rain gear. In any case, be careful, check the weather before you go andinform someone of your route.

Hiker’s Good Deeds


Respect private property, stay on marked trails, keep your dog on a leash, no fires, respect the tranquility of the area. Do not pick flowers.

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