Male mountain biker balancing his ebike on a rock, nice landscape in the backgroundMale mountain biker balancing his ebike on a rock, nice landscape in the background
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Cycling in the Cévennes

Discover the Cévennes by bike! Our region is full of opportunities for cycling. Explore our wilderness trails and prepared paths while soaking up the scenery, and find your perfect cycling adventure today!

An activity


In the heart of a preserved territory where nature and adventure meet. If you’re passionateabout outdoor sporting activities or looking for new experiences, cycling is the best way to discover the Cévennes.

Cycling enthusiasts, whether novices or experienced, will find this a unique playground. Our destination offers a variety of itineraries suited to all levels and desires. From leisurely strolls along rivers to the more arduous challenges of mountain trails.

The Cévennes is also a land steeped in history and culture. As you ride through its picturesque villages, you’ll be seduced by the authenticity of the place and the warmth of its inhabitants. Cycling will enable you to fully immerse yourself in this unique atmosphere and experience enriching encounters.

Whether you prefer mountain biking for strong thrills or road biking forpeaceful strolls, you’ll find something to suit you here. Numerous local service providers offer services tailored to cyclists, such as bike rentals, guided tours and accommodations that are welcoming and adapted to cyclotourists.

Good to know:

Biking is also an eco-responsible gesture. By choosing this means of transport, you’re helping to preserve the environment and contribute to the enhancement of this exceptional natural heritage.

The different practices

The world of cycling offers a wide variety of practices to suit all preferences and requirements. The main categories include traditional cycling, gravel, electric bikes (e-bikes) and mountain biking. Each offers a unique experience, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


Cycling is a widespread practice on roads or cycle paths. Traditional cyclists appreciate speed and distance, for competition, fitness or pleasure. Road bikes are lightweight, aerodynamic, optimizing pedaling efficiency over long distances, alone or in a group.


Gravel, or gravel cycling, combines road and mountain biking with bikes adapted to different terrains. Gravel cyclists enjoy adventure and exploration, accessing less-traveled areas with the comfort and speed of road bikes, an alternative way to get off the beaten track while staying on two wheels.

Electric bikes (e-bikes)

Electric bikes have revolutionized cycling with their pedal-assist motor, making it possible to cover greater distances and overcome hills more easily. Available in different categories (city, mountain bike, touring), they encourage soft and sustainable mobility.

ATV (All-Terrain Bike)

ATVs offer the thrill of tackling rugged terrain, from mountains to technical descents. With their special suspensions and tires, they guarantee a robust and stable ride, attracting adventure enthusiasts to explore nature and difficult trails.


For safe cycling

Cycle routes are specially designed for cyclists, offering a safe and pleasant environment in which to enjoy nature, explore magnificent landscapes and discover the Cévennes in an environmentally-friendly way.

Alès from North to South – 7km

Cross the capital of the Cévennes by bike

La Cévenole – 49km

Link Florac in Lozère to Sainte-Cécile-d’Andorge in the Garden using this former departmental railway line (CFD)


From Quissac to St Hippolyte du Fort – 19km

Cross the middle Vidourle valley on the route of the old Nîmes / Le Vigan railway line.

Cycling in the Cévennes

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