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Bamboo Canyon

a "natural" approach to canyoning

Whitewater activities in total safety!

Canyoning is a safe way to discover the Cévennes landscape in a different way. A refreshing way to discover the Cévennes and connect with the river and its flora and fauna. Canyoning consists of descending an “incised” river (canyon or gorge) using a variety of techniques: swimming (floating), jumping, sliding down natural slides, abseiling or via a zip line…

Focus on experience

Les Gorges du Soucy

Located just outside Saint-Jean-du-Gard, in the Vallée Borgne, the Canyon du Soucy is a must-see. This introductory canyon is akin to a water hike, but be warned, it has plenty of surprises in store!

Before starting the activity, Benoit asks you the name of your team and invites you to a short briefing sitting in the water.
Sharing is the key word of the day and off we go!

It all starts at the magnificent stone bridge, the pas de soucy bridge!”

First technical advice and off we go for the first jump and the first slide. Then follow variations between narrow gorges where you have to do some “floating” and slides, jumps …
When there’s not enough water, to avoid trampling (and not harming biodiversity), Ben invites you to walk on the bank or climb on the rocks before making the big jump with a 30m zip line. Thrills guaranteed, this incredible descent is the real plus of the course!

Warning, the zip line is not set up by all canyoning providers, it can only be installed by a state-qualified instructor.

The Soucy canyon has been sculpted by the passage of water through rock for millennia, and the rendering is truly magnificent. This place is home to a good number of species, some of which are protected. The ideal time to enjoy it is spring; dragonflies, amphibians (with lots of little frogs) and fish travel with you along the way.

If you’re attentive to what’s going on above the water you may see a brook wagtail fly by, recognizable with its yellow belly and undulating flight. This species of bird is particularly fond of the area, as it feeds mainly on insects and dragonflies, which it catches between the rocks in the stream. The otter, very discreet, also lives here and leaves a few traces along its path, which Ben will be delighted to show you.

At the end of the trail, it’s the presence of the Beaver that is visible on the trees along the return path.

The Cévennes National Park and committed canyoning professionals have worked on a manifesto of good conduct to preserve our rivers and put forward shared values to protect the environment and the Cévennes living environment.

This document includes nine rules to be respected in the canyons (preservation of sites, safety, sharing experience with customers) and around them (parking, site cleanliness, sharing the environment with other users).

Before setting out on your activity, you too can adopt the right reflexes to make your outing as respectful as possible.

Benoit Habbak's philosophy

Manager of Bambou Canyon

Bambou Canyon is one of the professional signatories of the Manifeste pour une pratique raisonnée du canyoning dans le Parc National des Cévennes.

Benoit or Ben, it’s your choice, the structure’s manager, has at heart to reconcile the stakes of professional canyoning practice and the preservation of natural environments.
His guidance will make you aware of how lucky you are to walk in this fragile and rare environment, while experiencingstrong sensations and a moment of pure pleasure!

All along the way, this passionate instructor providesa safe framework. Ben passes on technical tips to best apprehend the jumps, slides and zip-line or abseil descents! Pushing yourself is then possible in complete safety.

Ben also takes the time to share his knowledge of the Cevennes natural heritage, river biodiversity, and explains how to preserve it.
In small groups, you become both naturalist explorers and intrepid adventurers ready to take to the water!
Ben guides you with a great deal of kindness and pedagogy to ensure that the experience is unique and unforgettable.

Canyoning: fun and environmentally friendly
Canyoning: fun and environmentally friendly
Canyoning : pour une pratique ludique et respectueuse de l'environnement !

Practical information:

Canyoning is a very popular activity in the Cévennes during the summer season, so don’t hesitate to book in advance of your stay.

The activity takes place between March and October, but the best period is still spring.


Bambou Canyon welcomes you to its base camp, from where departures to the natural sites will take place.
To set off on the activity, Ben will provide you with a wetsuit, helmet and harness.

You’ll need to bring sneakers (hiking boots type), water, your swimsuit and a little courage to cope with the adrenaline rushes!

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