The Gardon at AnduzeThe Gardon at Anduze
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Anduze, Gateway to the Cevennes

A small authentic town, which will delight everyone!

Anduze, the gateway to the Cevennes, offers itself all year round to people passing through. Its historic center is an invitation to stroll and discover its heritage. Let’s discover here some emblematic places of this city dear to the heart of many vacationers.


Small town with picturesque charm

Because here, there is something for everyone: heritage enthusiasts will find beautiful monuments, sports enthusiasts will be able to walk on hiking trails, local products will delight gourmands and the magnificent landscapes will finish putting everyone in agreement.

A rich history, between rocks and Gardon

Nested at the foot of two hills (the rocks, as the Anduzians call them, of Saint-Julien and Peyremale), Anduze benefits from its location as a strategic crossroads.

In fact, if several thousand years ago these two rocks formed only one, the Gardon slowly dug its bed to open the Cevennes Gate which today gives Anduze its nickname. This gate has been used for several centuries by merchants and visitors who take pleasure in making a rejuvenating stop in Anduze.

Let’s also take the time to discover this place full of history.

Hiking Sheet

Go on the assault of Peyremale with our 7km hiking sheet (about 2h).

The Vase of Anduze

An ancestral know-how

Anduze is the capital of the famous Vase d’Anduze. Pottery is indeed a very old activity of the Anduze region, probably inherent to the presence of clay.

The legend says that it was in 1610 at the Beaucaire fair that a Cevennes potter found inspiration when he saw Medici type pottery. Upon his return, he turns large pots and founds the first company of what will become the famous Vase d’Anduze, renowned today throughout the world for its garlands and macaroons.

The Route du Vase d’Anduze

The objective of the Route du Vase d’Anduze is to shed light on the passion of nine manufacturers who are the guarantors of this traditional local know-how. The potters of this road are the only ones today to perpetuate the ancestral gestures and guarantee to the future purchasers a Vase of Anduze of quality, realized in the respect of the tradition.

1 day in Anduze

Find all our tips and good plans to discover Anduze, a small town with a picturesque charm that has many assets!

You will be able to visit the main monuments or go for a hike in search of a breathtaking view. This is a day that doesn’t involve using your vehicle.

Anduze Tourisme HD 2014
Anduze Tourisme HD 2014
Anduze Tourisme HD 2014

Not to be missed in Anduze

The main monuments
The main squares and streets

The night market

during the summer

Night markets invite you to stroll around discovering numerous exhibitors while enjoying the cool evenings.

Find the Anduze market on Tuesday nights.

The Cordelier Park

Calm and freshness

The Parc des Cordeliers, with an area of 4 hectares, is much appreciated for its calm and the beauty of its species as well as its freshness thanks to its various springs and basins. its main entrance is on Avenue Rollin.

Following the paths, walkers discover the typical trees of the region but also less common species such as the Himalayan cedar, the tulip tree of Virginia, the cryptomeria of Japan, the purple beech or the oak of the Canaries which is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful specimens in Europe.

There is the Bust of Clara d’Anduze, the plaques of the poet Florian, the poet and writer Henri Barbusse (1873-1935) and the resistance fighter Marcel Bonnafoux (1910-1942) as well as the war memorial.

Clara d'Anduze or the stakes of love at the time of the troubadours...

Clara loves Uc de Saint-Cyr passionately, who loves her in return, but things become complicated when the knight begins to have suspicions about his lady’s fidelity and begins courting others. Clara must use all her persuasion, all her poetic skill, and the help of others to win back her lover. Such, briefly summarized, is the central plot of which Clara is the heroine.

Clara d’Anduze, or Clara d’Anduza in Occitan, was born around 1200. Probably affiliated with the lords of Anduze, she was a celebrated trobairitz of her time. Trobairitz are women poets and composers speaking in the Occitan language who lived in southern France in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.

The richness of Clara’s text as well as the twists and turns of her love with Uc de Saint-Cyr make her a captivating figure in the historiography of the troubadours and the turbulent world of courtly love.

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