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We leave at dawn to discover this charming little town

A day in Anduze

Join us for a day to visit the main monuments and arrange a short hike in search of a breathtaking view. This is a day where you can do without your vehicle.

Let’s go!

A cultural walk

And don't forget the coffee break

To get this day of exploration off to a good start, we headed to the Plan de Brie to have breakfast on the terrace of one of the cafes on this square. From “Le Petit Jardin” we were able to enjoy the view of the bicentennial fountain and also the Protestant temple.

With the intention of learning more about the history of the city, our last cultural visit was to the Saint-Etienne church an emblematic monument of Anduze.

The market of local products

After this moment of conviviality, we decide to join the heart of the city towards the famous Market Square where the sumptuous Pagoda Fountain is located.

We take advantage of the weekly market present on Thursday mornings to shop and discover the regional products on display, such as the legendary Pelardon cheese that we had for dinner that evening.

Did you know that?

The Pagoda fountain and the Saint-Etienne church

The Pagoda Fountain was a gift from an Anduzian consul who was traveling to the East for business and had been seduced by the oriental architecture. He offered this fountain in 1648 because Anduze had only one fountain, that of the Place de l’Eglise.

The Church of Saint-Etienne, religiously consecrated in 1688, it was built on the site of the former temple of the reformed church. The interior contains artistic treasures of great value, for example the painting of the Assumption (1697), or statues in gold leaf dating from the first half of the nineteenth century.

Rendezvous with the flavors of the south

Lunch break

As it is soon time to go eat, we join the pretty little restaurant “Saveurs du Sud” where we can taste local products.

The pleasant patio lets us once again contemplate the architectural beauty of this charming little town.

Digestive walk

After eating

A digestive walk being welcome, the Peyremale Rock hiking loop becomes an obvious one.

The departure takes place in front of the town hall, we leave for 2 hours of walking over a distance of 7km in search of breathtaking landscapes. At the top are the ruins of the old fort of Rohan… and it is a magnificent panorama on the plain of Gardon and the Cevennes mountains that is offered to us.

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