Vézénobres in the Gard at sunset. Remarkable medieval villageVézénobres in the Gard at sunset. Remarkable medieval village
©Vézénobres in the Gard at sunset. Remarkable medieval village
A perched medieval village

Vézénobres, Village of character

Dive into more than 2500 years of history and discovery.

The remarkable heritage, the small streets, the local products as well as the culture of the fig are part of the inescapable elements which will rock your steps at the time of a stroll in Vézénobres. Finally, the unobstructed view of the Cevennes, the garrigues, the Gardons plain, the Mont Lozère and the Mont Bouquet will open the doors to other places to discover.


A historic village, guardian of the Cevennes

We take you to discover the village of Vézénobres, a mecca of regional heritage, perched at an altitude of over 200 meters. Browse these small medieval streets that will transport you from one monument to another, from the eleventh century to the twenty-first century.


To discover in Vézénobres

Among the emblematic places of the village, you will find the street of Romanesque houses, composed of dwellings of the eleventh and twelfth centuries. Its Romanesque architecture is unique in France. Two castles dominate the place: the castle Fay-Perault, 800 years old and of which unfortunately only ruins remain perfectly evoking the sad wars of religion, and the impressive castle Girard, built during the Hundred Years War and currently hosting the House of Fig and Tourism.
In the main street, it is the clock tower that attracts the eye and rings the hours to the rhythm of the day.

Good to know

To access the village, you need good shoes and climb at least sixty steps. Be careful in summer, it gets very hot very quickly. Think well of hats, caps and especially have a water bottle.

Did you know that?

The "Villages of Character" Label

The site is labeled Villages de Caractère and its impact in the Gard landscape is unavoidable.

This tourist label is awarded by the General Council of the Gard in order to enhance the typical villages of the Gard destination. Vézénobres is distinguished by its perched location, on the steep slope of a hill where an ancient oppidum had probably risen. The medieval city developed along three parallel streets connected by several steep alleys (the “endrounes”).

The village of the fig

For nature lovers, Vézénobres is a true paradise. The fig is one of its symbols. Indeed, in the 11th century, the Saint-André fair was held, renowned throughout France for the sale, purchase and exchange of figs from all over Europe.

Since then, Vézénobres has given back its letters of nobility to this period and to this fruit (which is not really one) by creating at the beginning of the 21st century a fig conservatory orchard, grouping on 2 hectares not less than 1,000 trees for a hundred different varieties.

It is also in 2019 that the House of the Fig opened its doors. It is a scenographic space dedicated to the fig tree and open to all visitors. Between fun experiences, small films and stores containing a multitude of local products, this place is a must-see in the village.

1 day in Vézénobres

Find all our tips and good plans to discover Vézénobres, Villages de Caractère, for the time of a day.

Between medieval alleys, thousand-year-old ruins, local products, cozy beds and tastings of all kinds, the village is a must-see place for lovers of nature, history and small dishes.

Not to be missed in Vézénobres

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