Mont Lozère © Romain CapelleMont Lozère © Romain Capelle
©Mont Lozère © Romain Capelle

The Mont-Lozère and the Cevennes

A wild space in the heart of the Cevennes National Park

Characterized by wide open spaces, it is the ideal playground for lovers of outdoor activities. Hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, skiing, snowshoeing… are practiced here, according to the seasons. The Mont-Lozère is also a place of escape, resourcefulness and idleness with its numerous typical villages, its rich and varied heritage, its lakes, its breathtaking landscapes… This Cevennes massif lives to the rhythm of the four seasons and will conquer you!

Mount Lozere

A preserved 100% natural territory

Cévennes and Mont-Lozère

The Cévennes form a low and medium mountain range with numerous steep valleys, in the southeast of the Massif Central. This massif straddles 3 departments: the Lozère, the Gard and the Ardèche and is crossed by the rivers Tarn, Lot, Altier and Cèze.

The name “Cévennes” generally includes part of the southern plain to the southeastern foothills and especially the Alesian basin.

The marked relief of this particularly landlocked region, the harshness of its climate, the specificities of its soil, its traditions and its history make it a specific territory.

The fauna and flora have been able to be preserved and safeguarded there. Some species have been re-planted and others have returned naturally.


The highest point of the Cevennes at 1699m (at the top of the Finiels peak), Mont-Lozère stretches like a large plateau over more than 35 kilometers, from the Causse de Sauveterre to Villefort and from the Pont-de-Montvert to the Bleymard.

This mountain with its rounded shapes offers wide panoramas towards the Cevennes, the Aigoual and the Causses.

If these slopes are heavily wooded, its crest is made up of vast grassy areas destined for agropastoralism.
Its eroded granite has decomposed into curious balls forming chaos scattered here and there in “desert” landscapes.

The outdoor centre

Lots of activities all year round

This project aims to develop a structured offer of outdoor activities in a remarkable and preserved space.

Mont-Lozère allows for a great diversity of activities. To be discovered throughout the year: 8 fully re-equipped climbing sites, 6 new orienteering maps, marked and maintained hiking trails, mountain bike and trail routes, a via ferrata, canyons… This site thus appears as a real destination for outdoor activity enthusiasts!”

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A medieval city at the foot of Mont-Lozère

Flowery and welcoming, the village of Génolhac, nestled at the foot of Mont-Lozère, does not lack charm. Walking through the narrow streets of the medieval center, one can appreciate its particularly rich history, marked by the wars of religion. A beautiful discovery of the architecture, represented by pretty granite houses dating from the 15th and 16th centuries.

1 day in Génolhac

Find all our tips and good plans to discover Génolhac, a medieval city, for the time of a day.

Between alleys, thousand-year-old ruins, local products, cozy beds and tastings of all kinds, the village is a must for lovers of nature, history and small dishes.

What to see

In the Mont-Lozère massif, other villages testify to the richness of the Cévennes and its history.

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