Sport woman relaxing on mountain cliff above the clouds. Alone travel healthy lifestyle. Healthy life Concept.Sport woman relaxing on mountain cliff above the clouds. Alone travel healthy lifestyle. Healthy life Concept.
©Sport woman relaxing on mountain cliff above the clouds. Alone travel healthy lifestyle. Healthy life Concept.
Your heart beats to the rhythm of the Cévennes

Awaken your senses

As a privileged spectator, you’ll watch the grandiose landscapes unfold before you.

Here, slowing down your pace and rediscovering the simplest pleasures is finally within your grasp. Give free rein to your imagination and enjoy what our region has to offer. Let your senses guide you! Appreciate this land, so rich in diversity and still so well preserved. Let the Cévennes run through your veins.

Majestic panoramas

as far as the eye can see

Take in the view…

A view at over 600 meters from the top of Mont Bouquet, its summit is crowned by a chapel housing a Virgin: the Admirable Mother of Mont Bouquet, a place of pilgrimage. From up there, contemplate the contrasts of color in the southern garrigues, the ground, the sky and seek to touch the horizon, for beyond begins the rest of the world…

Seeing also means discovering the little things, the forest paths, the refuges, the vineyards…

It also means letting yourself be lulled by the ballet of hikers, climbers, paragliders…

Seeing speaks for itself…. Let the Cévennes be the light of your eyes.

A breath of fresh air

In the heart of wild perfumes

Go in search of the fantastic world of scents.

Breathe in this blend of flowers and plants as you stroll through the garrigue with your nose in the wind! Discreet fragrances, heady scents, hidden essences: the garrigue is populated by a thousand and one fragrances, from thyme or savory, but also coronilla, cade… not forgetting broom, laurel and many others.

These are unforgettable scents that we treasure, like Proust’s madeleine.


local products

That make your taste buds quiver

Taste the subtle flavors of a cuisine still firmly rooted in our land and look for a moment of conviviality.

Pleasure, sharing, exchanges among local and seasonal products that will delight your taste buds.

Let yourself be told about these flavors that follow you, make your mouth water and make you salivate as you stroll through our local markets scattered all around you.

Getting pleasure from a lunch on the grass and a splendid view, eating awakens your senses to these assemblies of flavors. Be aware of what the culinary art of our terroir has to offer, with its blend of local produce, wine and apple juice…

sensory experience

In the heart of nature

Feel and experience through touch.

The feel of your footsteps on the ground as you walk through needle mats, over roots, over rocks. Or the touch of your hands on the element that surrounds you: this wild, untamable, capricious water. Appreciate it with the seasons, touch it, tap it and feel the vibrations that this precious water brings you. As the current flows, the game of ricochets resonates like an ode to nature and makes you aware of the importance of this resource to be preserved.

Cévennes harmonies

Listen to the symphony of nature

Close your eyes, strain your ears and let the Cévennes count your life.

Look for the different sounds: you’re listening to those relaxing sounds of nature that surround you and are omnipresent. Pleasant, rejuvenating nature music. Birds, the sound of the wind in the garrigue and hearing in the distance, in the evening, on the lookout for the stag’s bark…

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